Payment Methods

You can choose one of the following payment methods to make your purchases.

Cash on delivery only for purchases within Greece by paying the price of your order to the employee along with an additional charge of 2 Euros for the cash on delivery costs.

By depositing in a bank account, or by depositing the corresponding amount by visiting any natural banking store or via e-banking. The deposit must be made no later than 3 working days from the order. If the payment is not completed within this period, the order is automatically canceled. A necessary condition for the deposit is that the name and number of the order be stated in the reasoning / comments of the deposit. Transaction costs are borne solely by the principal.

EUROBANK: 00260299080200899229
GR25 0260 2990 0000 8020 0899 229

NATIONAL: 820 / 440184-04
GR34 0110 8200 0000 8204 4018 404

PIRAEUS: 6388040033785
GR32 0171 3880 0063 8804 0033 785

ALPHA BANK: 642 00 2002 008394
GR26 0140 6420 6420 0200 2008 394

After depositing the money, please send the deposit via e-mail to

Credit and debit card through secure Paypal and Stripe services.